EVENT PROGRAMME FOR THE SOUTH EAST VEGAN FESTIVAL at St Mary’s Stadium, Southampton on the 13th of July 2024

11am – Wholefood Vegan Podcast:

Take away the fear of eating a fully vegan diet with  ideas & hacks to make it fun, nutritious & simple without spending a fortune.

12pm – John Awen:  Make a Change Now

John will cover many aspects in this talk and all of those aspects will have us shame faced and urge us all to try harder to help bring about the much needed changes in this world.

1pm – Mark Moore: The Dark Secrets of an Animal Farmer

Discover a profound transformation with Mark Moore, once deeply involved in animal farming, now a passionate vegan speaker. In this event, Mark candidly recounts his journey, unraveling the concealed truths of farming and highlighting his personal shift towards a plant-based lifestyle. Gain a firsthand understanding of the challenges that prompted Mark’s transition, as he unveils the hidden aspects of animal agriculture. Join us for a compelling exploration of Mark’s unique perspective, bridging the gap between the world of farming and the ethical choices that redefine his narrative.

2pm – Neptune’s Pirates UK

Information to follow

3pm – We The Free

Information to follow