Talks and Films taking place in the Terry Palin suite

11:00 – The Save Movement The Save Movement will be holding a talk to help explain the importance of bearing witness.

12:00 – Simon Plazolles Hayes Simon is an ex-farmer and will be talking about his experience going from the meat industry to opening his own vegan brand clothing. Included in this talk time is a Q&A

12:30 – The Vervet Life by Shellie Robinson (UK Events Coordinator, Vervet Monkey Foundation) Come and find out about the work of the Vervet Monkey Foundation which operates a fully vegan volunteering opportunity with primates in South Africa. The sanctuary provides an opportunity for volunteers to study and become involved in the conservation and rehabilitation of this unique indigenous primate. It also promotes a vegan lifestyle to help sustain the environment, prevent habitat loss, animal suffering and to make a contribution towards helping many of the world’s issues.

13:00 – Vegan Geezer London Dad and Vegan YouTube advocate Bob Love AKA Vegan Geezer has been speaking around the UK and Europe for the past 2 years at schools and festivals, where he has been educating people about veganism and positively promoting vegan advocacy/activism respectively. He also uses his time to create educational, informative and inspirational videos via his YouTube channel, which include family vlogs, street interviews, speeches, spoken word poetry, lifestyle videos, food, vegan tips and more.

15:00 – What lifestyle do we search to have? By Ricardo Viana

16:00 – Sea Shepherd